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0.000 Y. Neffe YNFFE Junction L154
1.800 Anseremme MNS Station
4.700 Walzin Stop
8.800 Gendron-Celles MGN Station
10.400 Château d'Ardenne Stop
13.500 Houyet MHY Station L150 (2)
17.500 Wiesme MWS Station
23.100 Beauraing MBG Station
25.000 Martouzin Stop
27.200 Pondrôme MPO Station
31.300 Thanville Stop
36.300 Vônèche MVO Station
44.500 Gedinne MG Station
45.400 Louette saint Denis Stop
49.300 Bièvre Stop
52.300 Graide MGD Station
56.300 Merny Stop
56.600 Carlsbourg MCL Station
59.200 Paliseul MPL Station
60.300 Nollevaux Stop
61.500 Offange MOG Station
65.200 Glaumont Stop
67.600 Racc. Jehonville-M.D.N RJEHO Connection
68.300 Burhaimont Stop
71.300 Bertrix MBX Station L165
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