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0.000 Hasselt FHS Station L21 L21A L34
2.100 Y. West Driehoek Hasselt YFHSW Junction L35/1
3.900 Kermt GK Station
5.500 Kermt Dorp Stop
7.300 Spalbeek Stop
10.500 Schulen GSU Station
12.700 Linkhout LIK Station
15.300 Zelem GZH Station
19.900 Y. Diest YFDT Junction L17
20.700 Diest FDT Station L22
25.600 Zichem GZC Station L30
28.600 Testelt GTT Station
34.600 Langdorp LGD Station
36.100 Y. Oost Driehoek Aarschot YRSTO Junction L16
37.300 Y. Zuid Driehoek Aarschot YRSTZ Junction L16/1
38.400 Aarschot FRST Station L29
41.500 Gelrode GEL Station
44.500 Wezemaal LWZ Station
46.700 Rotselaar GRO Station
47.800 Putkapel Stop
49.600 Holsbeek Stop
50.400 Y. Holsbeek YHLBK Junction L35/2 L53/1
53.600 Leuven FLV Station L2 L36 L36N L53 L36/2 L139/1 L139/2 L139
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