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0.000 Brussel-Noord FBN Station L0 L25 L36N L50 L27 L161/2
2.400 Schaarbeek FSR Station L25 L26B L36N L27 L161 L28*
5.200 Haren-Zuid GHZ Station
6.700 Y. Diegem YFDG Junction L36N L36/1 L36/3
7.300 Diegem FDG Station
9.300 Zaventem FZA Station
10.000 Y. Zaventem YFZA Junction L36C L36N
11.600 Y. Nossegem YLEM Junction L36C/1
11.900 Nossegem LEM Station
14.700 Kortenberg FTB Station
15.300 Kortenberg-Goederen FTBG Connection
16.100 Zavelstraat Stop
17.700 Erps-Kwerps MRP Station
19.200 Beisem Stop
21.100 Veltem FEM Station
23.400 Y. Herent YFET Junction L36N
24.100 Herent FET Station
26.200 Y. Wilsele YWILS Junction L35/2
28.700 Leuven FLV Station L2 L35 L36N L53 L36/2 L139/1 L139/2 L139
30.700 Y. Molenbeek YMLBK Junction L36/2
34.100 Korbeek Lo FCK Station
36.100 Lovenjoel FVJ Station
39.400 Vertrijk FVK Station
42.000 Roosbeek FRK Station
44.300 Kumtich FUP Station
47.000 Tienen FTNN Station L22 L142
53.300 Ezemaal FZE Station
56.400 Neerwinden FWI Station
60.000 Landen FLD Station L21 L127 L147
64.000 Gingelom FOM Station
69.000 Jeuk FSX Station
71.500 Corswaremme MCO Station
74.000 Waremme FVR Station
76.600 Bléret BLE Stop
79.300 Remicourt FMU Station
82.800 Momalle MO Station
85.000 Fexhe-le-haut-Clocher FXH Station L36A
87.300 Voroux GVX Station
88.500 Y. Voroux YGVX Junction L36A
89.300 Bierset-Awans FTI Station
89.700 Racc.Bierset-Zone Fret RBIER Connection
92.900 Ans ANS Station L2 L31 L32 L210
94.700 Montégnée Stop
97.000 Liège Haut Pré FPR Station
99.000 Liège-Guillemins FL Station L34 L37 L125
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